Meet Our Team

Stewart Combs
Ronda Chestnutt
Ministry Services

Pastor Stu has served our congregation in pastoral leadership for several years. ​Stewart is a family man and is proud father to three beautiful girls, Stephanie, Lauren, and Allie. He and his wife, Pauline, enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren, Caleb, Lindi, and Micah.

Ronda has been part of First Church for many years – from the time her father was pastor here when she was a teenager. Ronda has been married to Bill for over 35 years and has two adult daughters, Sarah and Kaitlin, and son-in-law Jayce. She has two Schnoodle puppies that her daughters joke have taken their place since they moved out. Ronda lives life to the fullest and empowers those around her to trust in the Lord, live passionately, and follow their hearts.




Amanda Yanke
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Sarah 1.jpg
Sarah Chestnutt

Sarah has been attending First Church for her entire life and loves that the people here feel like family. Working part time in the church office helps her to support the different ministries of the church and help those discovering the gifts God has given them. When not in the office, Sarah explores the Edmonton area with her mobile second hand bookshop.




Amanda Yanke is the ever-smiling custodian of our church building. From cleaning the restrooms, to vacuuming the floors, she is the hardworking woman responsible for making our church building sparkle and shine. With her enthusiasm, passion, and unending love, she is truly a blessing to our church.

Ministry Council
Business Team

Our Ministry Council is elected by the congregation, and are the people who discuss the programs, services, events, and daily goings-on of the church.







Our Business Team, also elected by the congregation, is responsible for the church finances and the maintenance of our church building.

...And You!

That's right! You!

At First Church of God, we try to create an atmosphere of being a family. You are valuable and you are loved. You are vital to God's community.